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Don't panic, the more you talk, the more relaxed you are. "On the 3rd, you have to have a good talk about yourself. It's better to give up your accomplices. Of course, you can also choose to blow yourself up, which saves time." He smiled, raised his hand and took another bite of the pulp. He used the chewing gap to analyze slowly and leisurely, "There is already a wolf in front of us, plus what I found in this round, then there is only the last one left. As long as we follow the right team and don't be led away by the wolf, then we will basically win this game." "Right," Mo swallowed the chewed apple in his mouth in a panic and suddenly became serious when he approached the tablet. "Number 7, you are the sheriff. I hope you can return to the vote at the end of this round of speech, because number 3 and the other wolf who don't know how many will find all kinds of reasons to refute me, but I can't speak again. The so-called dumb man eats Coptis chinensis and can't say it. I can almost foresee how chaotic the situation will be for a while, but you have to be a good leader and grasp the vane of the whole court. This time, you must vote for Wolf No.3. Whether the good camp can win or not depends entirely on you. Thank you for blocking a knife for me and successfully blowing up No.5 at the beginning. It can be said that the good situation now depends on you. I may not survive tonight. The werewolf will certainly kill me. I believe you can find the last wolf. Please follow the sheriff and don't stand in line blindly! "My speech is over." With his last words, Mo leaned back with relief. He looked at the tablet. His heart was beating in his ears. The room was so quiet that even his own breathing could be heard clearly. For the battle of words that will be staged later,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he can not say what emotions in his heart, perhaps there are expectations, perhaps there are fears, success or failure depends entirely on God's will. Let's welcome the next speaker: Number 9, let's give a round of applause! Clap, clap, clap.. Compared with the elder brother Mo Fang,Magnesium Oxide price, the younger brother Mo Fang's character is more shy. When he heard the host's call, he was startled at first, then carefully picked up the tablet and looked at it, and finally found the voice button at the bottom right. Mo Fang straightened his back and sat upright, then stretched out an index finger and pressed it on the voice button. He kept swallowing saliva until Bill began to urge him to speak with trepidation. "I, I think my brother is right. I also believe that my brother is the real prophet. No.3 is the wolf. I hope that after this round, everyone in the good camp will vote for No.3. Well.." Anyway I follow elder brother to cast 3 not to change, identity is civilian also cannot say again much, that, compere, I pass here. Bill exclaimed in surprise, "Oh, our speech on the 9th is really short, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, from this point of view, I can almost think of how short your XX is, and how short your time is!" “……” Mo Fang's face suddenly turned red. He bit his lip and retorted with a low and inaudible volume. "That's not true. At least it's bigger than my brother's." He swallowed the rest of the words silently, even though he was the only one in the room and no one could hear them. Haha, just kidding, ummm.. Whose turn is it next? Oh yes, No.2, please welcome our beautiful lady, Miss No.2!!] Fang Qingqing was lying in bed sleeping. After hearing her number, she quickly reached out and took the tablet thrown at the end of the bed. She opened her mouth almost without a pause. "First of all, I'm not very optimistic about the identity of No.8 as a prophet. Here is a straight-line dialogue with No.8. Have you checked the identity of No.7? Are you so sure that he is a knife blocker?"? Don't you think it's humorous that you believe that No.7 is the good guy camp? Can the game use subjective belief to prove a person's identity? What we need is evidence, is whether you have tested this person! It's not that you can pull No.7 into the safety zone by saying that you believe it. Of course, it's not excluded that you are in the same camp, and there's nothing wrong with believing in your companions. I don't quite understand the current situation. I'm a civilian, and I get very little information. And at present, there are two prophets jumping. No.7's second round of speech is at the back. It's not clear what he will say. There is no guarantee that the real prophet is not one of them. Everyone, all kinds of situations in the game can happen. We can't judge anything by experience. The prophet may not be on the police, or he may not be able to speak yet because of the order of speaking, the werewolf's self-explosion and other factors. In fact, to say so much, my point is that I don't believe either of the two prophets, No.7 and No.8! Although No.7 blew up a wolf, it doesn't mean anything. What if it was discussed within their wolf group? Also, if, according to No.8, he is a prophet himself, and No.7 is a civilian (assuming he is) who can so fearlessly grab the identity of a prophet to block the knife, does it mean that he is sure in his heart? Fang Qingqing looked around between the numbers on the screen, "I remember there seems to be a Cupid configuration in this game, right?"? But so far, no one has been linked away, that is to say, the couple who is likely to form a third-party camp is still among us. I now very much suspect that No.7 and No.8 are a couple. It doesn't matter who is the wolf or the prophet. It's really dangerous to have an unidentified sheriff here. I suggest that No.7 be removed first. It will be clear whether he has become a lover with others. Fang Qingqing said this stopped for a while, she calmed down a little bit of excitement, let the slightly confused thinking return to reason. "The above is my personal subjective assumption, because I haven't heard everyone's speech yet, it may be different from the facts, or I have to listen to what the following people say. Finally, I hope the special identity can come out and provide more powerful information." Otherwise, civilians, like me,dap diammonium phosphate, can only be so suspicious. "Ah, having said so much, it seems that I can't be sure of anything. Let's go. I'll focus on what No.3 says first." Fang Qingqing finished and loosened her finger on the voice button. She sat up from the bed and waited with her ears up for the person behind her to speak. Her face was extremely dignified.