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PlumeTec consists of the PlumeTec battery, which heats the vapor, and the cigarette capsule and cartridge, which are sold separately. To get started with PlumeTec, you must first purchase a "vape starter kit" that includes the PlumeTec battery. This section introduces the contents of the starter kit, including the battery and accessories.


To use a Plumtec, charge the Plumtec Battery and then connect a cartridge with a cigarette capsule attached; a full charge takes 90 minutes and provides approximately 250 puffs of use. This is equivalent to the continuous use of 5 cigarette capsules (1 pack), or 30 cigarettes. The lithium-ion battery used in Plumtec batteries gradually deteriorates as it is repeatedly recharged, depending on how it is used and how often it is recharged. However, the Plumtec battery can be recharged 200 to 300 times and still retain power for approximately 250 puffs when fully charged, making it durable for long-term use. Compared to the same heated cigarettes such as IQOS and glo, the battery lasts longer and does not need to be replaced as often.

Other accessories

In addition to the Plumtec battery, the starter kit comes with a USB charger and AC adapter. A carrying case used to be included, but due to an increase in the lineup, including soft cases, and the manufacturer's strategy of lowering the price, the starter kit after the price revision in July 2018 consists of only the battery and charging device as the minimum. Therefore, those who want a portable case will have to purchase one separately for their own use. There are two ways to charge the battery: you can either connect the battery to the USB charger and charge it directly to a USB port on a computer or other device, or you can plug it into the USB port of the included AC adapter and charge it at a household outlet. During charging, the "PloomTECH" logo on the USB charger glows red, and when it changes to a white light, charging is complete.

Price and How to Purchase

PlumTECH starter kits can be purchased at convenience stores and other vape manufacturers nationwide, as well as online. Although they are not sold on a pre-order basis, they are well-stocked and can be obtained quickly. It is also available on the official website of Japan Tobacco Inc., the distributor, but you must obtain a "JT Smokers ID" in advance, which requires adult verification. The official website has a lineup of many Plumtec batteries with limited designs, so those who want to enjoy color variations may want to check them out. You cannot smoke with the starter kit alone; you must also purchase the cigarette capsule, which is sold separately.As of May 2019, the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the starter kit is 3,000 yen, including tax.

What are the prices and accessories for PlumeTec cigarette capsules?

PlumeTec uses "cigarette capsules," which are sold separately from the battery, as a consumable. Cigarette capsules can be purchased at convenience stores and other tobacco product outlets in the same way as paper cigarettes. Below are the prices, features, and product contents of tobacco capsules.

Features and price

The price of a Plumtec cigarette capsule is 490 yen (tax included), which is equivalent to about 30 cigarettes per box, so it is not a great value for money. Each cigarette capsule contains about 50 puffs of tobacco leaves, and the battery counts the number of puffs and notifies the user with a blinking LED when it is time to replace the capsule. When the LED on the tip of the Plumtec battery blinks continuously 12 times for the conventional product and approximately 40 times for the upgraded product, it is time to change the cigarette capsule. The liquid in the cartridge is supposed to run out after about 5 cigarette capsules, but depending on how you smoke, you may over or under fill the capsule. The outer box is rectangular in shape, about the same size as a standard cigarette, but thinner and more compact.


The official product name of the package containing the cigarette capsule is "Mobius XXX for Plumtec" or "Pianissimo XXX for Plumtec. Each package contains one PlumTech cartridge and five cigarette capsules. The package is designed so that the contents of the package set can be consumed without excess or deficiency if used with a single puff of 2 seconds of inhalation as assumed by the manufacturer. One cigarette capsule is 50 puffs, so the total of one box can be smoked for 250 puffs. Unlike lit cigarettes or high-temperature heated cigarettes with a power switch, use can be resumed without replacing the capsule with a new one, even if it is interrupted for a long time in the middle of use. Compared to other tobacco products, which are useless if interrupted once you start smoking, PlumTec offers a great deal of flexibility in the timing of smoking.

Characteristics of the PlumTec cigarette capsule

Many people have the impression that "Plumtec cigarette capsules come in many colors and varieties." For those who are interested in the taste and smell of the many flavors of tobacco capsules available, this section describes the types of capsules and secondhand smoke.

A wide variety of capsules

As of April 2019, there are a total of 10 types of PlumTec cigarette capsules available, six under the Mobius brand and four under the Pianissimo brand. Let's take a closer look at each of them. First, the Mobius brand has two non-menthol types, Regular and Brown Aroma, and four menthol types, Menthol, Red Cooler, Purple Cooler, and Mixed Green Cooler. The Pianissimo brand has only one non-menthol type, Lemon Tea Gold Aroma, and three menthol types: Aria Menthol, Strawberry Mango Pink Cooler, and Pineapple Peach Yellow Cooler. Overall, there are many menthol types. Each brand has a different cartridge color; Mobius is black and Pianissimo is white, but the cigarette capsules are black.

Less odor and secondhand smoke

PlumeTec is the closest product to an e-cigarette vape among heated cigarettes. Because it inhales vapor containing nicotine derived from tobacco leaves, it does not produce smoke from combustion like paper cigarettes or high-temperature heated cigarettes. Although PlumeTec is often described as "less tasty than IQOS and glo," it has an overwhelming advantage over other tobacco products in that it not only eliminates the smell of tar and harmful secondhand smoke, but also eliminates the need to dispose of stinky cigarette butts. There is no worry about the smell of cigarettes in your room or car, and the surrounding furniture and walls will not be discolored by the tar. Although nicotine may be present in the breath after smoking, the bad breath and yellowing of the teeth caused by smoking are also eliminated.